Mesh Integration Volumiser Hair Replacement

I am pleased to offer solutions to people suffering with hair loss, pattern baldness, short or damaged hair and hairloss caused by medication, stress and more.

This specialized advanced system is recognised globally, however only very few people have been trained to offer this very skilled technique, this qualification sets us apart from all other salons, hair extension technicians and hairdressers. 


The system is built from a breathable hair loss mesh, which is then shaped to your head.  From this we create links that will secure the mesh to your head by pulling tiny sections of hair through and securing, we then build the unit.  The system is incredible, its wind proof, swim proof and gym proof, it gives you your confidence back and gets your life back on track.  Take a look at some of the work we have done below.

Clients are expected to return every 6 weeks for a maintenance session and then re-alignment after 12 weeks where the system is removed and redone. This allows us to check clients needs again and rebuild the unit.

With this being a specializied system, prices do vary and therefore a consultation is required for all clients.

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